I've been passionately driven to capture the beauty in people--especially when engaged in activities that hey love! But in the still moments capturing natures portraits is tops.

The introduction of the Brownie camera was all it took to launch a budding career into the field of "capturing endearing memories".

What's more, the creative fires were fanned to fever pitch in college after having signed up for a summer school class on what I thought was surely "the most boring" of all types of photography--Black & White--what kind of fun would that be I mused?

Wow! Was I ever wrong! For to my great surprise by the time the course ended I felt like an Ansel Adams protegee. I was on my way.

What was learned using a manual focus Olympus OM-10 has become the cornerstone in the use of autofocus SLR & digital

Photo Image Creations is the latest company that has been birthed for the creation of images
whose use is for sale.

I capture the beauty and art of life and people using Canon EOS digital cameras, EF lenses and accessories.

When required, a Nikon Super CoolScan 4000 ED scanner is my choice of equipment for drawing the most out of film and transparencies image capture. Finally, EPSON photo printers, inks, and papers provide an excellent hard copy medium for prints.